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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. So, how do I swap my pet over to Pure?

A. If your pet is swapping from a dry biscuit or a tinned food, we always recommend that Pure is slowly introduced into current meals, starting with as little as half a scoop and slowly increasing each day. Each pet is unique, so the speed at which they will adapt to eating a different diet will vary. If your pet is already fed a fresh, raw or home prepared diet they will often transition to Pure much faster. When feeding Pure remember to add at least the recommended amount of water and rehydrate for a minimum of 2-3 minutes.

For every full level scoop of food served, we advise adding one to one and a half level scoops of water. So for example 4 level scoops of Pure food would need 4-6 level scoops of water adding, before stirring well and allowing 2 -3 minutes to rehydrate.

Q. What's the difference between dehydrated & freeze dried?

A. Freeze drying allows the preservation of food with almost zero exposure to high temperatures or pressure, allowing for the easiest way to provide your dog with the goodness and nutrients of a raw meal.

Dehydration involves blowing warm air between 60-90C across ingredients over several hours to remove the moisture, locking in their goodness and providing the equivalent of a 
home prepared meal.

Q. What about my fussy pet?

A. Just like some humans fussy pets can be challenging when trying new food. The additives, flavourings and other nasties commonly added into lower quality food can be more appealing than fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. However, the following tips might come in handy:

Allow longer to rehydrate to create a thicker consistency or vice versa – try this until you find a consistency that your pet prefers.
Add tasty extras such as a little fresh meat, natural yoghurt or a sprinkle of cheese to meals.
Put the food down for 30 minutes, if they don’t eat it within that time period take it away until their next meal – remember to keep refrigerated to retain freshness. Although possibly the most difficult, this is the most important tip to follow if you really want to persevere with your pet being fed a healthy fresh food diet.

Q. Why are some vegetables passed as roughage?

A. If you notice some vegetable matter is passed, this is not a cause for concern. The fruit and vegetables in Pure's recipes are a great source of fibre, which is itself a non-digestible form of carbohydrate that helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent constipation, so to an extent this is to be expected and still beneficial. The difference with Pure as opposed to a regular kibble biscuit is that with kibble the vegetables have already been processed to an extent where it is not recognisable as such, so you wouldn’t notice if roughage was being passed.

The fruit and vegetables also provide a big benefit to oral health as they are packed with natural amino acids and antioxidants, which are absorbed through the gums. As long as you ensure to add plenty of water in preparation, leaving for a good 2-3 minutes, you are definitely allowing the food chance to properly rehydrate and have every opportunity for your pets to benefit from it.

Q. What about dental health?

A. For dental health we think it is great to add a raw meaty bone with regular meals occasionally, once a week would be fantastic. Bones and tough chew toys work great, but are never a complete alternative to regular brushing and trips to the hygienist.

The idea that a dry biscuit food cleans teeth is some what of a myth, as it is simply not hard enough to remove plaque, similar to expecting a digestive biscuit to help clean our teeth.

Q. How do I checkout to Europe?

A. To checkout to Europe simply select the EU flag in the header of any page to change currency to Euro's, before checking out as normal.

Q. Is it OK to mix between your different recipes?

A. As Pure rehydrates into fresh food there is absolutely no harm in switching between our different recipes. In fact this is a great way to keep your pets interested in their healthy Pure diet. Providing varied and balanced meals will do them a world of good! 

Q. Can I mix Pure in bulk the day/night before I want to feed?

A. Once Pure is rehydrated we recommend it is refrigerated and used within 48 hours, so it is perfect to mix in bulk the night before. Just add a little warm water and stir before serving.

Q. Why is Pure dehydrated/freeze dried?

A. Slowly and gently dehydrating and freeze drying the ingredients that we use to make our recipes ensures that each box of Pure retains the nutrients and goodness found naturally in our fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Our dehydrated recipes are a super convenient way to provide the goodness of fresh wholesome food, retaining the convenience of more traditional pet food. Whilst our freeze dry technology allows for the preservation of meat without exposure to high temperature and pressure, retaining a real meat texture with zero preservatives. Freeze dried recipes are the easiest way to give your dog the goodness of a raw food diet without the prep, and with no need to store in a freezer. 

Q. Do I have to add water to Pure dehydrated & freeze dried?

A. Yes. This unique process gives Pure the advantages of both wet and dry dog food. Adding water allows the food to expand in the bowl rather than the stomach, making it easier to chew and helping to prevent bloating, whilst reducing the risk of dehydration. At the same time, like a good quality dry pet food, Pure is super easy to store and has a great shelflife. 

Q. Why not just feed raw pet food or home cook?

A. We think that a balanced raw or home cooked diet is a fantastic way to feed your pet. However for a lot of pet owners, a number of factors mean that is not a possibility. Pure food takes away the inconvenience of needing all that extra freezer space for raw meat bought in bulk, the health risks of chopping up animal carcasses in human kitchens where young children are at risk of picking up nasty bacteria, the time involved in preparing meals, the cost in purchasing fresh ingredients every week (for those not lucky enough to be best friends with their local butcher!) and the worry that your home prepared meal might not be balanced and meet all of your pet's nutritional needs. Most importantly however, Pure not only takes away all of the above, but allows owners to still provide a low processed natural pet food with all the nutritional benefits of a balanced raw or home cooked diet.

Q. What quality ingredients are used in making Pure?

A. We make Pure from 100% human quality ingredients. The standards in making Pure are so high in fact that we are regulated by both the human and the animal food authorities.

Q. Where is Pure manufactured?

A. We are proud to say we are one of only a handful of pet food companies in the UK who manufacture their own products in house, allowing us to ensure that our exacting standards are consistently met. Our human grade food facility is based in Yorkshire, where we make all of our complete, mixer and treat recipes.

Q. How much meat is in Pure?

A. The meat in our food is gently dehydrated & freeze dried to remove the moisture so weighs around four times less than fresh meat. This means every 100g of our Chicken Delicious recipe for example contains around 160g of fresh meat. The best way to compare our recipes to other kinds of pet food is to look at the protein % in the typical analysis section. 

Q. What is the difference between your Chicken Delicious and Chicken Dinner dog food recipes?

A. One difference is that our Chicken Dinner recipe does not contain any egg. Although this is a great source of natural amino acids and protein some dogs can have intolerances to it so we wanted to have a recipe which didn’t contain any. The other main difference is that the original Chicken Delicious recipe has a 40% dry matter meat content which means we pack in over 160g of fresh meat into every 100g of dehydrated Pure. Many owners are keen on a very high meat content so this ticks that box. Although Chicken Delicious is fantastic for dogs who do well on a high protein diet, some dogs do better on a more moderate protein food as too high of a protein content can be too rich for them. That said 100g of dry Chicken Dinner still contains 100g of fresh meat so is a good source of fresh meat as well. Finally the calories and fat levels in our Chicken Dinner recipe are slightly lower which mean it suits less active and older dogs who don’t require as many calories in their diet, whilst our Chicken Delicious recipe would remain our recommendation for more active dogs and puppies.

Q. What about the welfare of the animals involved?

We are able to track the source of all of the meat used in Pure, which comes only from fully regulated farms. The farms we source from ensure high standards are met in considering the welfare of the animals. None of our meat comes from animals which are reared in battery or individual cages, ensuring the animal is properly protected and where the perch, bathing area and stocking density is appropriate for their needs, preventing suffering and allowing the animals the opportunity to behave naturally.

Q. How long will a bag of Pure last?

A. A 4kg bag of Pure will last the average size adult dog (10kg) almost 45 days based on our feeding indications, making the cost of feeding Pure just over a pound a day for the majority of owners.

Q. What is the shelf life of Pure?

A. If kept in a cool, dry and dark place, Pure will last for up to 12 months once the bag is opened. Once water is added the food should be treated as fresh, refrigerated and used within 48 hours.

Q. Do I need to add vitamins or other supplements?

A. Pure's complete recipes are balanced meals and contain an added vitamin and mineral premix providing nutrients essential to healthy bones, blood and overall development. You can however add your own raw meaty treats and uncooked bones if you are feeling kind!

Q. What do you do to control the quality of your products?

A. We require certification that every lot of raw ingredients we buy, has been tested clear of salmonella, E-coli, enterobacteriaceae, yeasts and moulds before it even enters our production plant. Our human food facility works stringently to approved HACCAP and quality control guidelines. We have also been successfully audited to SALSA standard by experienced food safety experts, requiring that we meet both the legal requirements and best practice for producing human quality food. Our finished products are then routinely tested clear of both salmonella and enterobacteriaceae to ensure the highest possible standards before our food is delivered. 

Q. How do I know if my pet will like Pure?

A. Until you give it a go we can’t say for sure, but what we do know is that the majority of pets love Pure, and even fussy eaters clear their bowls. If you’re not sure we suggest buying one of our trial packs or starter packs and giving it a go alongside your pet's current food to begin with.