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Managing Your Dog's Sensitive Stomach

There are many reasons why dogs can suffer from stomach upsets and your dogs diet can play a big role. We believe that grain and gluten free, wholesome low processed diets are by far the best you can give your dog after all who would want to eat a processed brown biscuit every day? We’re proud to say we have had a number of success stories with stomach sensitivities and we hope your dog will be the next one!

Managing Your Dog's Sensitive Skin

Scratching, licking and chewing of feet or limbs are common signs of allergies. One common cause that’s often overlooked is diet. Food sensitivities are abundant in almost every breed, possibly due to genetics or the fact that many dogs are fed the same highly processed kibble foods that often contain grain and unnatural fillers & preservatives. To alleviate itchy skin and food allergies it's best to avoid grain, artificial additives & any by-products. At Pure all of our recipes are grain and gluten free and are simply air-dried or freeze-dried avoiding the harsh cooking processes of kibble or tinned food....

Managing Your Dog's Pancreatitis

Here at Pure we sadly hear of far too many dogs suffering from pancreatitis. Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed, it most commonly affects middle-aged to older dogs and symptoms include lethargy loss of appetite, vomiting, abdominal pain and stomach sensitivities. Dogs eating a high fat, highly processed diet are at greater risk. At Pure we make a range of low-fat recipes which are perfect for pancreatitis. We’re proud to say we have had a number of success stories with pancreatitis and we hope your dog will be the next.

Managing Your Dog's Diabetes

Generally speaking the healthier and more natural the diet the easier it should be to control blood glucose levels, so a low processed food like Pure is the type which will work well for a dog suffering from diabetes.

Managing Your Dog's Colitis

Colitis is an inflammation or irritation of the colon or large intestine and most commonly causes diarrhoea. A Grain-free low processed high fibre diet is recommended by most holistic practitioners for dogs with colitis. Grain can cause many adverse reactions especially when there is an excessively high grain content in the diet, or those grains are highly processed such as corn gluten meal (which is often found in low-quality kibble). At Pure we make a range of limited ingredient recipes which are perfect for colitis. We’re proud to say we have had a number of success stories with colitis and...