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Managing Your Dog's Pancreatitis...

How Pure Can Help

Pancreatitis refers to inflammation of the pancreas, and when it strikes, it can cause major disruption to your dog's digestive system. Common symptoms are food refusal, vomiting, tremors, weight loss and low mood. It can be sudden, short-lived and often severe, or it could be a longer-lasting 'grumbling' episode. Dogs eating a high fat, highly processed diet are at higher risk.

This is where Pure can help you - with high quality, low-fat recipes to help cut the risk of onset, support recovery and reduce the chances of it coming back. We've helped many dogs with pancreatitis already - so let's make your dog our next success story.

Pure Pet Foods

How Pure can help with Pancreatitis...

How Pure Can Help

We have a number of recipes with limited ingredients designed specifically to help dogs with Pancreatitis, whilst still being complete and balanced to your dog’s nutritional needs.

At Pure we combine the health benefits of raw with the convenience of kibble and without the risk of salmonella. Simply add water and serve creating a healthy low processed meal in just 3 minutes.

How Pure Can Help
Pure Pet Foods
Pure Pet Foods

100% Human

Only the highest quality ingredients, lovingly prepared at our very own UK food facility in Yorkshire. No grains, meat derivatives or any other nasties!

Pure Pet Foods

No freezer

Our gently preserved recipes have a 12 month shelf life, allowing you to conveniently provide the goodness of raw and home prepared food in an instant.

Pure Pet Foods

Rated 5*
on Trustpilot

Developed alongside expert nutritionists and veterinarians, we’re praised by owners and loved by pets.

Pure Pet Foods

Never tested
on Animals

Never tested on animals. Just humans!


Pure Pet Foods


We start with only the freshest, human grade ingredients, packed with natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Pure Pet Foods


By gently preserving our ingredients through dehydration and freeze drying at low temperature and pressure, our unique process allows us to retain all the goodness of fresh food.

Pure Pet Foods


You simply add water, stir, then allow just 2 - 3 minutes for our ingredients to rehydrate.

Pure Pet Foods


All that’s left to do is serve, providing your pet with a warm, nutritious and delicious meal.