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Buddy has been having ongoing stomach problems for about four months

Buddy has been having ongoing stomach problems for about four months

"I am writing to let you know about Buddy our lovely 21 month old Sheltie. Buddy has been having ongoing stomach problems for about four months. He has had severe diarrhea and bouts of sickness, he was also very lethargic around the house which was very unusual. He had no interest in his toys in fact the only time we saw him wag his tail was for his walks. Buddy is usually full of energy and wanting to play, he was always getting toys out of his toy box but all this stopped. He had a gurgling stomach and terrible wind. 

We have had numerous trips to the vets who suggested we try various diets but to no avail. They tested him for food allergies, kidney, liver and low B12 levels but all was normal. The vets then recommended that have a scan to see if there was anything untoward but the scan revealed everything was normal. The vets then suggested that they perform an endoscopy on him and take a biopsy from his intestines, which we agreed to. The biopsy showed some inflammation which suggested that Buddy most probably had IBS. The referral vets wanted me to try Buddy on a commercial vet diet but when I looked into this food I found that it was full of additives and preservatives and really did not contain any goodness. I did some research (well a lot of research in fact) on the Internet and I came across Pure food🙌🙌.

We purchased Pure and within 48 hours Buddy’s stools were back to normal and he hasn’t been sick. It is now over two weeks since we started Buddy on Pure Turkey Terrific and we are ecstatic with the results🤗. We have our Buddy back! his stools are normal, no sickness or gurgling noises from his stomach and he is back to playing with his toys and generally loving life again.

We just wanted to share this story in the hope that it might help someone else whose beloved companion might be showing the same symptoms. We also want to say a huge thank you to Dan and Mat the owners of Pure Food because without them we are certain Buddy would still be having problems with his stomach."

Kind Regards

Hazel Cadman (Buddy’s Mam)

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